Graduate Profile

The Universidad de Chile trains Information and Management professionals who stand out due to their solid capacity to design, implement and monitor information and management systems that facilitate the successful implementation of organizational plans and strategies. Our graduates work to harmonize the human, technological, and informational resources that lie at the heart of every organization, helping it to more fully achieve its objectives.

Our graduates are autonomous, independent professionals and leaders, who hold themselves and others to the highest ethical standards. They improve the efficiency and efficacy of any organization for which they work. We aspire to create Information and Management professionals whose guiding principle will always be the desire to contribute to the wellbeing of the community where they operate.

Training professionals of this calibre calls for the creation of capacity building spaces, where students can develop their ability to design new solutions for real-world informational and management challenges, taking a managerial perspective and working in a committed manner in an exacting, rigorous, team-focused environment.

Admissions Requirements for 2017
(equivalent of US High School Grade Point Average)
(individually weighted component of high school performance)
PSU score in language
(PSU=equivalent of US SAT score)
PSU score in mathematics 50%
PSU score in history or science** 10%
Minimum weighted qualifying score for applications 2017 600,00 puntos
Lowest qualifying score obtained by successful applicants 2017 646,30 puntos
Vacancies PSU 2017 125

** Students can sit both tests and submit their best result

Career Prospects

This degree opens up a wide range of career prospects. Graduates may go on to become Information System Managers, developing systems and working with cutting-edge technologies. Information and management engineers are often also employed to protect company systems - through designing data security measures - or to act as a nexus between information technology and other areas of activity. Their knowledge of business issues is a clear advantage in intuiting the needs of the business community, while their superior capacity in computing and IT allows them to communicate successfully with the average business specialist.

In the field of Management Control, a graduate with this profile can aspire to become a Controller evaluating the management practices of companies, or other entities, at a range of levels. He or she is also ably equipped to work in the field of company finance, providing advice for decision-making and consulting on management system implementation and performance monitoring.


Fee Structure for 2017*

*All fee amounts appear in Chilean pesos, CLP, represented by the ‘$’ sign

Enrolment Fee $131,250
Annual Tuition Fees $4,364,400


Special admissions places
Preferential Vacancies for Academic Excellence Awardholders
(awarded by the Chilean Ministry of Education)
Priority Admissions Scheme to Address Educational Inequality
(Universidad de Chile scheme introduced in 2015 for promising
students from public high schools)
Preferential Vacancies for Talented Athletes 3
Vacancies with special consideration for individuals with
Overseas High School Qualifications
Vacancies with special consideration for applicants from Rapa Nui (Easter Island)
*With  Accountant Auditor