Vivian Norambuena

  • Assistant Professor
    Academic Training
  • Ph.D. in Economics, Georgetown University.
    Master of Arts in Economics, Georgetown University.
    Master in Economics, Pontificia Universidad Católica.
    Bachelor Economics (Commercial Engineering), Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile. 

Professional practice standards or Public Policy
2016 / World Bank-IMF Debt Sustainability Framework: Is the probability approach useful in determining a definitive risk rating?
2016 / Accuracy of projections in the DSA: Public sector debt and Debt service
2016 / Accounting for the dynamic and country specific dimensions of debt risk: country-specific debt thresholds
2015 / A Review of the Debt Sustainability Framework in Low Income Countries: A proposal on Aspects that Could be Improved.
Research Monographs
2019 (Forthcoming) / International Benchmarking for Country Diagnostics
Academic/Professional meeting Presentations
2016 / Probability approach for debt sustainability analysis