Sebastián Ugarte

  • Assistant Professor
    Academic Training
  • Ph.D in Business and Management , University of Manchester, Manchester, England.
    Master in Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations, University of Manchester, Manchester, England.
    Industrial Engineer, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile.

Publications in Magazines with Editorial Committee
2019 (Forthcoming) / A systemic and strategic approach for training needs analysis for the International Bank / JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH -
2010 / En la misión de escoger un sistema de información de recursos humanos (IRSH) efectivo - evaluando su rol y factores claves de éxito. / Horizontes Empresariales - No. 1
2010 / Analysis and critical assessment of the role played by the ILO in developing and securing core labour standards / Revista de Economía y Negocios - Revista Universidad de Talca -
Book Chapters
Academic/Professional meeting Presentations
2014 / Gender pay equity at organisational level: exploring the impact of formal, consistent and transparent HR practices
2013 / The pay system in the banking sector of Argentina and Chile - a gender perspective