Alicia Núñez

  • Assistant Professor
    Academic Training
  • Ph.D in Public Health with concentration in Health Management and Policy, Oregon State University, EEUU.
    Master in Finance, Universidad de Chile.
    Information Systems and Management Control, Universidad de Chile.
    Accountant Auditor, Universidad de Chile.

Publications in Magazines with Editorial Committee
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2019 / Influence of a seed capital program for supporting high growth firms in Chile / Contaduria y Administracion - Vol. 64, No. 1
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Book Chapters
Academic/Professional meeting Proceedings
2010 / A Cost Control Model in a Cardiovascular Center
Research Monographs
Columna de Opinión
2012 / La gestión en salud
Academic/Professional meeting Presentations
2016 / Positive Effect of the Triple Helix Model Over High-Growth Businesses in a Developing Country
2016 / The Effect of Introducing strategy map as a learning tool on student engagement
2016 / Influential Journals in Health Research: A Bibliometric Study
2016 / Performance Indicators for Hospital Emergency Departments Management
2016 / Simulación de Entrenamiento Como Herramienta de Enseñanza-Aprendizaje
2015 / Equity in Health in Chile: An Evolution from 1990 to 2011
2014 / Tools to manage the decision-making process in operating rooms
2013 / Emission of Polyciclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, total resources alocated for health care and lung cancer mortality ratesin countries around the world: past, present and future perspectives.
2013 / A new measurement of access to health care services.
2011 / Equity in the Chilean Health Care System
2011 / Equity in Health System Finance in Chile
2014 / Tools to manage the decision-making process in operating rooms / Vol. 14