• Alicia Núñez

    Assistant Professor
    Ph.D in Public Health with concentration in Health Management and Policy, Oregon State University

  • Javier Núñez

    Associate Professor
    Ph.D. in Economics, University of Oxford

  • Sergio Olavarrieta

    Associate Dean, Associate Professor
    Ph.D. in Business Administration, University of Georgia

  • Ismael Oliva

    Associate Teaching Professor, Director of the School of Graduate Studies
    MBA, MIT

  • Esteban Olivares

    Adjunct Instructor
    Master in Finance, Universidad de Chile.

  • José Olivares

    Assistant Teaching Professor
    Ph.D. in Finance, University of Texas, Austin

  • Rodrigo Ormeño

    Assistant Professor
    Ph.D. in Taxation, University of Exeter

  • Valentina Paredes

    Assistant Professor
    Ph.D. in Economics, University of California, Berkeley

  • Nicole Pinaud

    Adjunct Instructor
    MBA, University of Rochester

  • Francisco Pino

    Assistant Professor
    Ph.D. in Economics, Boston University

  • Verónica Pizarro

    Associate Teaching Professor
    Doctor en Ciencias Empresariales, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

  • Gonzalo Polanco

    Adjunct Instructor
    Master of Laws, London School of Economics and Political Science

  • Esteban Puentes

    Assistant Professor
    Ph.D. in Economics, University of Chicago

  • Francisco Ramis

    Adjunct Professor
    Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Systems, Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Joseph Ramos

    Full Professor
    Ph.D. in Economics, Columbia University

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